Anonymous: What had happened with your detox page? I really need good detox now because I've been drowning in cake and chocolate this week, like my body has problem to digest all this things. Any help?

The water fast detox? It should be up there :/ I’ll check on it

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cortanamalfunctioning: Life of a server✌👍💟

Don’t you love it 🙈

1:53 pm  •  22 April 2014


if you rip my headphones out of my ears ill rip your heart out of your chest

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for real though, personal posts get a bad rap

like i will see people apologize for making a lot of them and i’m just


a) it’s YOUR blog, you can recite the greek alphabet one post at a time if you really want to

b) you don’t owe your followers shit

c) personal posts are fucking interesting, man. if i am following a blog i am okay! with knowing about the person behind that blog! nobody’s gonna begrudge you having a life outside the intermajig and talking about it.

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Anonymous: So wait... Are you a waitress or a stripper or something?

Lol yes I’m a waitress

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