Anonymous: Wait just a minute. Wasn't he accused of trying to take the gun while he was next to the cop car with Wilson? Nobody said he tried to take it while he was 35 feet away. And can't you instigate/aggravate your death from a distance? Yes you can. Failing to surrender and charging toward anyone is legal reason to shoot until the attacker stops. I wish we'd stop using the word murder at this point? How the fuck is this a hate crime if it's not a crime at all?? ??? ?????? ? ????? ? ??


Murder: noun. The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another: [0]

There have been multiple accounts from the police that not only contradict each other, but also contradict both of Mike Brown’s autopsies (s/n: forensic pathologists have spoken out on the idea of a third autopsy as absurd). The accounts are as followed:

  • Darren Wilson fired at least 10 shots [1]
  • 6 of these shots hit Brown [2]
  • The shots that penetrated Brown’s forearms went through the undersides and out the upper sides, meaning that the insides of Brown’s arms were facing the cop; judging by the size and trajectory of the bullet wounds and their sporadic locations (from arms to head to just under the ribcage), it is more than likely that Brown was standing at least a yard away from Wilson with his arms behind his head and was stationary (or at least until the first shot; I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could stand still while someone shoots me) [2] (scroll down until halfway through the article to find it)
  • Wilson’s first account of the events was that he told Brown and his friend to get off the street when Mike Brown bum-rushed him (though Wilson was in his car?) on the street before Brown tried to take his gun [3]
  • Wilson’s second (or third or fourth; the police were really fumbling with this timeline) account was that he recognized Brown’s description from a radio call about a store robbery, which contradicts the first account [3.5]
  • Since we’re arguing about the technical definitions of crimes, a robbery involves force and theft; video footage of the suspect in the store shows that he actually paid for the items [4]
  • All of this is completely pointless, however, since Mike Brown doesn’t physically match the suspect in the video [5] [6]
  • Unless Brown lost 40 lbs and changed clothes in the six minute walk from the corner store to his house, the alleged robber may not be him (but you know how all black people look alike soooo) [5] (repeated source)

This is all a paper trail. The media and the Ferguson PD have tried everything to smear recent graduate Mike Brown’s image and to play out Wilson as the peaceful officer who never got in trouble, all to detract from the fact that Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown 6 times (and attempted 10) as if he was a mountain lion on the charge. This was an unlawful shooting. Darren Wilson murdered Mike Brown. But if the word “murder” makes you squirmed, let’s use “kill.” Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown. Unless you cannot grasp the fundamental concept of life and death, you cannot argue that Wilson killed Brown. It becomes a hate crime when Mike Brown is put on trial for his own murder despite evidence pointing in Wilson’s direction, followed by a smear campaign colored with the same language used to smear Jordan Davis and Treyvon Martin last year (the use of the most unflattering images, referring to them as “thugs” on the media, focusing on any moral or lawful failing the deceased may have experienced since birth, etc.). And if you think I’m wrong, tell me why Mike Brown was shot at 10 times and killed in the street when these fools:

image       image

were apprehended alive and were then glorified (one was “mentally ill” and the other was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone). Note, Mike Brown committed no crime that Darren Wilson was aware of, yet these young men above planned to and succeeded in killing a dozen people in a terror attack.

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